Provincial Residents’ Charter

Jeollabuk-do is a beautiful province where the mountains, the fields and the sea are well blended together, and is a place where kind & generous provincial residents are living together. Our ancestors in the province have constantly cultivated a base of quality life with the spirit of loyalty & devotion for the country and the people, along with warm hearts of living together. Based on this tradition, we should take the initiative in cultivating a hopeful and proud Jeollabuk-do Province while actively accepting global changes.

  • We should be proud of being Jeollabuk-do provincial residents and maintain our dignity.
  • We should preserve the nature and culture of our province and cultivate them further.
  • We should pioneer the future with positive thinking and progressive spirits.
  • We should work hard to fulfill our mission as Jeollabuk-do provincial residents.
  • We should love our province and contribute to our country and the world.