Regional administrative organization during the Goryeo Period.

Jeollabuk-do was the center of Mahan, one of Samhan (Three Han)Countries. Out of 54 tribes, 15 had their base in the region. In the Three Kingdoms Period, the region belonged to the Baekje Kingdom, which was incorporated with Mahan. Jungbang was the center of the province during the Baekje Kingdom.


660, 20th year of King Uija of the Baekje Kingdom

  • After the demise of Baekje from the attack by the Silla &Tang Dynasty Coalition, the region became under the command of Tang Dynasty. It became a part of Silla territory after Tang retreated in 676, the 16th year of King Munmu of the Silla Kingdom.

685, During the age of United Silla

  • The administration places Wansan-ju and Namwon-gyeong among 9 jus and 5 gyeongs.

996, the 14th year of King Seongjong

  • Jeollabuk-do was referred to as Gangnam-do (Southern side of the river) among the ten provinces. The province had four jus, the administrative districts.

1018, the 9th year of Hyeonjong

  • Incorporated Gangnam-do and Haenam-do and called it Jeolla-do, when the new administrative system divided the country into 5 provinces and two sections. Anchalsa (commissioner) was appointed to Jeolla-do who overlooks the whole region.

1413, the 13th year of Taejong

  • In the Joseon Period, the government divided the administrative system into 8 provinces. Gwanchalsa, the local governor of Jeonju, administered over a large area of current Jeollabuk-do and Jeollanam-do, as well as Jeju Island.

1896, the 33th year of King Gojong

  • Jeolla-do divided into South and North Jeolla-do. Jeollabuk-do, north Jeolla, consisted of 26 guns

1910, Korea under Japanese rule

  • The Korean Peninsula was divided into 13 provinces, 12 bus, and 317 guns. In 1914, bus and guns were incorporated into 1 bu and 14 guns; in 1935, Jeonju-bu was separated from Wanju-gun.

1949, the establishment of the Republic of Korea

  • Jeonju-bu, Gunsan-bu, and Eeri-bu became cities. In 1963, Geumsan-gun becomes a part of Chungcheongnam-do and Wido-myeon to Jeollabuk-do. In 1981, Jeongju-eup and Namwon-eup became cities. Wansan-gu and Deokjin-gu are created in Jeonju.


  • Okgu-gun, Jeongeup-gun, Namwon-gun, Gimje-gun and Iksan-gun counties, and Gunsan-si, Jeongju-si, Namwon-si, Eeri-si cities are incorporated, respectively into Gunsan-si, Jeongeup-si, Namwon-si and Gimje-si cities. Currently, Jeollabuk-do is composed of administrative districts of 6 sis and 8 guns.