Harmony of Tradition and Progress, Jeollabuk-do

Jeollabuk-do, gleaming with brilliant culture and arts since time immemorial, leads the way into the future with its pure and beautiful nature as a backdrop. Jeollabuk-do, promise to be the hub of the upcoming era in Northeast Asia. With a nod to both tradition and an eye on the future, Jeollabuk-do is setting tomorrow's pace today.

Jeollabuk-do has the most fertile fields in the Republic of Korea. Its mountains and fields have been a source of life, providing the fine foods of Korea. It is the hometown that preserves and passes down traditional Korean tastes, fashions and culture, and is a beautiful land filled with magnificent scenery and nature.

The total area of Jeollabuk-do, located in the south western part of the Korean Peninsula, is 8,066㎢, occupying 8.06% of the nation. In addition, it is easily accessible by expressways and highways, being connected to other cities and provinces. Moreover, because its roads are well maintained, it can be reached within one hour from anywhere in the province, making it ideal for investment.

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