Fly Far away in 2020, Set Feet with Power
I will propel 'Jumping Jeonbuk'!

We Jeollabuk-do layed an emphasis on enforcing economic quality, constructing industrial ecosystem, and enhancing pride in self-esteem for a long time and accomplished precious and fruitful outcomes.

This year, on the basis of the foundation that we built till now, let us set our feet with power, propelling 'Jumping Jeonbuk'

I will construct strong economic structure that does not shake by any risk with faithful, systematic policy.

I will come true periodic value of fusion and win-win, develop cities and counties in balance, and lead the civilization period of new fusion and win-win between cities and farm villages newly.

I will come true the vision of 'Beautiful Mountain and River, Flying Base of Life, and Thousand-year Jeonbuk!' with the determination of 'ceaseless endeavors'.

I will do my best to help province inhabitants feel effective in policies to the details of life.

Song Ha-jin, Governor of Jeollabuk-do