I'll display an age of a successful 2023 Saemangeum World Jamboree and of a great Jeonbuk take-off

My beloved inhabitants of Jeollabuk-do!
I changed Jeonbuk with a developmental strategy four the last four years so that our province can help forward possible tasks, checking every nook and corner. I put ahead with the differentiated strategy and policy, so drew out a powerful backing from the central government.

In the seventh period of popular election, I will show you more evolving Jeonbuk on the basis of the sixth period policy. For the last four years, I constructed a strong growth axis for Jeollabuk-do. I will evolve the major policies of the popular election sixth period, Samrak Agricultural Administration into Samrak Agricultural Administration & Agricultural Life Industry, Carbon Industry into Fusion Future New Industry, and Total Sightseeing into Tour Experience No.1

I will thoroughly prepare for 2023 Saemangeum World Jamboree and display an age of a great Jeonbuk take-off. I will prepare for the future one thousand year Jeonbuk by enhancing inhabitant's happiness feeling thermometer.

I will cultivate the pride of Jeonbuk by constructing safe and healthy society, creative and stylish culture, progressively developmental economy, warm and sweet welfare, and beautiful and clean circumstances.

Thank you.