Agro-Bio Area of Saemangeun

Construction of a new agricultural town based on cutting-edge agricultural technology and R&D

  • Area: 94.3㎢ (agricultural site: 89.7㎢, agricultural town site: 4.6㎢)
  • Development direction: A high-tech export-oriented agricultural hub
  • Development strategy: To be nurtured into Korea’s first and foremost agricultural cluster with diverse functions
  • Introduced functions
    • Eco-friendly, high-quality, cutting-edge agricultural industry
    • An advance base for export with a horticulture complex, large agricultural corporations, etc.
    • Support for R&D and agricultural services
    • Laying the groundwork for agricultural ecology-themed tourism

International Cooperation Area of Saemangeum

Pursue convenience and diversity in global business Build a high-class town where diverse enterprises and cultures coexist

  • Area: 52.0㎢
  • Development direction: A global cosmopolitan town characterized by multiculturalism
  • Development strategy: To develop an economic cooperation site through multilateral cooperation
  • Introduced functions
    • Manufacturing industry using the FTA network and the “Made in Korea” brand
    • Knowledge and high-value-added industries
    • HQs of global corporations, international organizations, etc.