The Saemangeum Industrial Complex, connected with the Gunsan Industrial Complex, is the largest industrial complex in Korea and is home to the world’s leading companies including Toray (Japan) and Solvay (Belgium).

Project Overview

  • Location: Saemangeum Reclaimed Land (near Gunsan National Industrial Complex II)
  • Project area: 18.5㎢
  • Officially assessed land price: KRW 151,250/㎡
  • Allowed businesses: Automotive parts and components, high-tech materials, shipbuilding materials and equipment, R&D, etc.


  • Industrial water
    • Supply capacity 28,000 tons/day
    • Reserve capacity 50,000 tons/day
  • Water for living
    • Supply capacity 28,000 tons/day
  • Power supply
    • Voltage : 154kV
    • Capacity : 120,000kW
  • City gas
    • Supply capacity 240,000 tons/day
    • Reserve capacity 210,000 tons/day
  • Wastewater treatment
    • Capacity 30,000 tons/day
    • Reserve capacity 9,000 tons/day
  • Steam
    • Supply capacity 340,000 tons/day
    • Volume capacity 120,000 tons/day

Land categorization by purpose of use

(Unit: 1,000㎡, %)

Land categorization by purpose of use Category,Total,Industrial facilities,Supporting facilities,Public facilities,Commercial and business facilities,Housing,Green Zone
Category Total Industrial facilities Supporting facilities Public facilities Commercial and business facilities Housing Green Zone
Area 18,495 9,956 392 3,093 704 594 3,756
Ratio 100 54 2 17 4 3 20

Areas supplied for the allowed businesses

(Unit: 1,000㎡, %)

Areas supplied for the allowed businesses Category,Total,Automotive parts and components,General machinery and parts,Shipbuilding materials and equipment,High-valueadded food products,New materials & nanoconvergence,RET(nuclear fusion),New and renewable energy
Category Total Automotive parts and components General machinery and parts Shipbuilding materials and equipment High-valueadded food products New materials & nanoconvergence RET(nuclear fusion) New and renewable energy
Area 8,607 2,698 788 491 907 1,791 713 1,219
Ratio 100 31 9 6 11 21 8 14

Allowed Businesses

  • Parts & components: Automotive parts and components, general machinery and parts, and shipbuilding materials and equipment
  • High-tech convergence: New materials, nano convergence, and nuclear fusion
  • High-value-added food products
  • New and renewable energy
  • ICT convergence, convergence of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and cultural, tourism and medical convergence industry

Restricted Businesses

Dyes, pigments, leather, dyes, asbestos, slaughtering, cement product and asphalt concrete manufacturing businesses, businesses that discharge designated hazardous substances, cause large amounts of pollution, consume large amounts of water, etc.

Areas Near Saemangeum Industrial Complex

Saemangeum Industrial Complex
Development period | 2009~2018
  • Phase 1: ’09~’14 (9,352,000㎡)
  • Phase 2: ’15~’18 (9,143,000㎡)
Development area | 18,495,000㎡
Development direction | Pivotal production base for new future-oriented industries and o t p aro pjeilct area for low-carbon green growth
Korea Rural Community Corporation(KRC)
Gunsan National Industrial Complex II
Development period | 1989~2006
Development area | 15,774,000㎡
Allowed businesses |All business types excl. fiber, pulp, rubber and plastic product amcatunruinfg businesses
Korea Rural Community Corporation(KRC)
※ Incl. the Gunsan Free Trade Zone
Gunsan Branch of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation(KICOX)
Gunsan Free Trade Zone
Development period | 2002~2005
Development area | 1,256,000㎡
Operation method | Free tenancy or low-rate leases for domestic and foreign investors
Gunsan Free Trade Zone Office
Gunsan National Industrial Complex
Development period | 1987~1994
Development area | 6,828,000㎡
Allowed businesses | Automotive, automotive parts and other manufacturing businesses
Gunsan Branch of KICOX
Gunsan General Industrial Complex
Development period | 1976~2005
Development area | 5,641,000㎡
Development direction |Food and beverage products, wood, paper, petrochemical, naoln, -famberitcated metal, etc.
Investment Support Div. of Gunsan City

Lot Sales at Saemangeum Industrial Complex

(Unit: 1,000㎡, %)

Lot Sales at Saemangeum Industrial Complex Category,Total area, Infrastructure, Industrial land, Sold, Available
Category Total area Infrastructure Industrial land Sold Available
Total 4,390 1,460 2,930 1,102 1,828
Lot 1 1,845 480 1,365 624 741
Lot 2 2,545 980 1,565 478 1,087

Tenants at Saemangeum Industrial Complex


  • Area 220,000㎡
  • Investment scale KRW 300 billion
  • Business description PPS resin


  • Area 70,000㎡
  • Investment scale KRW 121 billion
  • Business description higly dispersible silica (HDS)


  • Area 160,000㎡
  • Investment scale KRW 1 trillion
  • Business description Cogeneration plant

Investment Environment for Saemangeum Industrial Complex

  • Near the Gunsan Industrial Complex to create an industrial cluster
    • Can create synergy with the companies at the Gunsan Industrial Complex and by creating a cluster of related industries
    • Tenants incl. Chevrolet, Doosan Infracore, Hanglas, Tata Daewoo, and OCI
  • National policy support in accordance with the Saemangeum Special Act
    • Domestic and foreign companies can lease land for up to 100 years
    • The max. building-to-land and floor area ratios are 1.5-times that of the legal limit
  • Tariff exemptions as a general bonded area
    • Tariff exemptions for products made by processing imported raw materials by companies at Saemangeum Industrial Complex Lot1&2
  • Large research and production manpower
    • A large number of excellent research personnel: 38 research institutes and 2,600 researchers
    • Approx. 25,000 technicians and craftsmen produced by universities in Jeollabuk-do Province every year
  • Processes to promote the improvement of regulations
    • Improvement of principles and retention of exceptional measures by continually discovering regulations that thwart investors