Location Conditions of Saemangeum
  • Saemangeum→CHINA : Yantai 510km, Qingdao 550km, Dalian 560km, Shanghai 600km, Yancheng 640km, Tianjin 900km, Beijing 980km, Hong Kong 1,700km, Huizhou 1,800km
  • Saemangeum→TAIWAN : Taipei 1,200km
  • Saemangeum→RUSSIA : Vladivostok 950km
  • Saemangeum→JAPAN : Osaka 800km, Tokyo 1,200km
big size

Saemangeum, a global economic center

Near massive markets incl. China, Japan, and Russia
Within a 2-hour flight radius
52 cities with a population of over 1 million
Daily movement of business population: 2 billion

Easy access to the entire Korean peninsula

Within a 3-hour travel distance from major economic hubs in Korea(Seoul, Incheon, Busan, etc.)
Near major airports and ports
  • Gunsan Airport10km
  • Gunsan Port3km
  • Muan Airport108km
  • Dangjin Port116km
  • Cheongju Airport117km
  • Gwangyang Port147km
  • Incheon Airport168km


  • Expressways to be connected to arterial roads (3 west-east axes and 3 north-south axes)
    • Use of the existing roads: West-East Road (Axis 1), West-East Road (Axis 3), North-South Road (Axis 1)
    • West-East Road (Axis 2): Under construction as a 20.4km (4-lane) road between the Saemangeum New Port *Set to be completed in 2020
    • North-South Road (Axis 2): Under construction as a 26.7km (6- to 8-lane) road between the Saemangeum Industrial Complex and the Tourism & Leisure Area *Set to be completed in 2022
  • Saemangeum-Jeonju Expressway
    • Under construction as a 55.0km (4-lane) expressway bridging Saemangeum with Seohaean Expressway and Iksan-Jangsu Expressway *Set to be completed in 2024
  • Gunsan Port
    • Berthing capacity: 29 ships
    • Shanghai (once a week), Dalian (twice a week), Qingdao (once a week), Rizhao (once a week), Shidao (thrice a week), and Japan (once every 2 weeks)
  • New Saemangeum Port
    • Berthing capacity: 18 ships (4 berths by 2020, 14 more berths after 2021)
    • Completion of construction of 3.1km-long sea dike (2016)
  • Gunsan Airport Gunsan~Jeju (twice a week)
  • Muan Airport International flights from and to Taiwan, Japan, China, etc.
  • Saemangeum International Airport
    • Worldwide accessibility as an economic center of the Pan Yellow Sea Region
    • Announcement of the 5th Mid- to Long-term Master Plan for Airport Development (2016)
  • A railway network for 1-hour travel to and from the Seoul Capital Area
    • 70-min travel time between Seoul and Iksan on KTX and 35-min travel between Iksan and Saemangeum
    • Construction of a 43-1km double-track railroad between Saemangeum and Gunsan (Daeya)
      * Set to be completed after 2020