SAE Korean word for ‘new’

MAN "MAN"from Man-kyeong plain

GEUM "GEUM"from Gim(Geum)-je plain

= "NEW" MAN GEUM "bringing in riches and prosperity"

Now, Saemangeum shall be the ‘new land’ which will give birth to new civilization for growth and clean environment covering economy, industry and tourism

Saemangeum is a land of opportunity and hope

Overview of the Saemangeum Project

  • Purpose To develop the Saemangeum project area into a global hub of free trade
  • Size 409㎢ (reclaimed land: 291㎢, lake: 118㎢)
  • Location Gunsan-si, Gimje-si, and Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do Province
  • Project cost approx. KRW 22.19 trillion
  • Development plan Industry & Research Area, International Cooperation Area, Tourism & Leisure Area, Agro-bio Area, Eco Environment Area, Residential(Urban) Area

Overview of the Saemangeum Project

International Economic cooperation Hub
Formation of an economic community with cooperation among Korea, China, Japan, etc.
Premium City for Living &Exchange
A high-class city with world-class living conditions
Vibrant Green Waterfront City
A sustainable green and eco-friendly city where there is coexistence of man and nature
Tailor-made Open Plan City
A city that reflects the needs of investors
City of Deregulation and Incentives
A pilot city for tailored incentives and deregulation

Competitiveness of the Saemangeum Project

  • 1. A national project implemented by the government
    • stablishment of the Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency (Sept. 2013) for project implementation
  • 2. Ease of land expansion
    • by the state that is two-thirds the size of Seoul (409㎢) without any regulations or civil petitions
  • 3. up by the Special Act on Saemangeum
    • The Saemangeum Special Act was enacted to administer schemes tailored to investors

Land Use Plan Under the Saemangeum Project

Land Use Plan Under the Saemangeum Project Category,Area(㎢),Ratio(%),Description
Category Area(㎢) Ratio(%) Description
Total 291 100
Industry &Research Area 41.7 14 Land for major industries, new growth engine industries and related research facilities
International Cooperation Area 52 18 Multi-purpose land for industry, logistics, technical innovation and international city functions
Tourism &Leisure Area 36.8 13 Multi-purpose land for marine sports and recreation, experience-based tourism, etc.
Agro-bio Area 94.3 32 Land for creating the foundation for an eco-friendly farming industry and high-tech agricultural facilities
Eco Environment Area 42 15 Habitat for birds and ecological wetlands
Residential(Urban) Area 24.2 8 High-tech and high-class city on the waterfront