World Jamboree in the Saemangeum Era

Jeollabuk-do will be thoroughly ready for ‘2023 Saemageum World Jamboree’, the great youth festival of the world along with the rapid development of Saemangeum. About 50,000 participants from 170 countries are united beyond the difference of races, religions, ideologies and culture under the theme ‘Draw Your Dream!’.

Furthermore, Jeollabuk-do will continue the Jamboree boom by promoting the construction of ‘Saemangeum Global Leader Center’. Jeollabuk-do will open the new Saemangeum era by expanding the infrastructure including Saemangeum International Airport, new harbor and roads. Moreover, Jeollabuk-do will widely acknowledge Saemangeum, the global hub, by making Saemangeum the advance base of eco-friendly industry including Smart Ocean Platform and convergence cluster implementation of new recyclable energy.