Tourism Experience No. 1, Cultural ICT Contents

Jeollabuk-do has been continuously developing representative tourist attractions and ecology tourist attractions in 14 cities and counties on the basis of its natural resources including traditional culture, clean river, forest and tideland. As the hub of ‘Korean eco-healing’, Jeollabuk-do is leading the Tourism Experience No. 1 through various approaches including introduction of Jeollabuk-do Tour Pass. For Jeollabuk-do ecology tourist attractions, Jeollabuk-do acquired the national geopark certification on West Coastal Area of Jeollabuk-do(Gochang and Buan) and has been implementing 4 national projects including Jeollabuk-do Cheolli-gil, Korea Road Culture Center and infrastructure for forest recreation & healing.

Farmers’ music, Iksan Baekje Historic Area, Gochang Tideland, Gaya Ancient Tombs and Jeongeup Museongseowon Confucian Academy are the cultural heritage recognized by the world and the attractive assets of Jeollabuk-do. Jeollabuk-do will be the Korea Tourism Experience No. 1 Region where elegant creativity culture is alive.