Agricultural Administration for Three Delights, Agriculture and Life Science Industry

Agricultural administration for three delights, which means pleasant farmers, agriculture and farming village, makes Jeollabuk-do the capital of agriculture and life science through the policy evolution on the basis of agriculture and life science. Jeollabuk-do is implementing the rewarding farming and farmers, smart agriculture and life science industry and farming, mountain and fishing villages where lots of people visit in order to make dynamic farming, mountain and fishing villages where ‘money and people’ get together by connecting advanced technology to agriculture and the youth to the farming village.

Jeollabuk-do has been leading the agricultural village convergence industry by promoting the businesses acquiring the sixth industry certification and implementing the lowest price guarantee system for farm products for the first time in Korea. In particular, Jeollabuk-do has been changing agriculture, the basis of the Korean, to the state-of-art future industry with highly added value coping with the needs of 4th industrial revolution era by building the convergence belt of 5 agriculture and life industries including food, seed, agricultural machinery, microorganism and high-tech agriculture as well as building the Asia Smart Agriculture and Life Science Valley.