Slow walking The Route of Jeollabuk-do

When you walk the routes of Jeollabuk-do, you must walk as though you are on a picnic. You can see low fences and warm ridges. Sometimes the high sky and wide sea catches your eye. Also, if you look around, you can see others walking with you. The slow walking routes of Jeollabuk-do are waiting for you.

The symbol of win-win and harmony between the big 4 religions The Beautiful Pilgrimage Routes

If there is Camino de Santiago, there is The Beautiful Pilgrimage Routes in Jeollabuk-do. The one and only beautiful pilgrimage route in the world is the symbol of religious coexistence, harmony, and peace between Confucianism, Buddhism, Won Buddhism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. After it was constructed on October 31st 2009, the number of pilgrimages has constantly increased to total as many as 60 thousand visitors by 2011. The Beautiful Pilgrimage Routes are roads which help to empty out the mind and allow one to self reflect. When you walk in the villages of Gosat-gil and Cheonbyeon-gil slowly, you can find rest in your soul.

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Yehyang Cheolli Masil-gil makes people stop in their tracks.

ehyang Cheolli Masil-gil has all of Jeollabuk-do's routes. Jirisan Circumferential Road embraces Jirisan Mountain, Byonsan Peninsula masil-gil endlessly continues with the Yellow Sea, Jilmajae baekri-gil embraces the history, culture, and the nature of Gochang, and Jinan Gowon masil-gil exemplifies a lonely path that makes people stop in awe.

The road of life similar to Jirisan Mountain Jirisan Circumferential Road

Jirisan Circumferential Road

Jirisan Circumferential Road is for people who want to embrace nature, village, history, and each other’s culture. Starting from Namwon, it is a long distance walking route of 300km connecting 5 cities and counties, 16 towns, and 80 villages and allows you to feel the embrace and life of Jirisan Mountain. Jirisan Circumferential Road resembles Jirisan Mountain, which always embraces guests.

The path with the view of the Yellow Sea Buan Masil-gil

Buan Masil-gil

The 66km Buan Masil-gil, which snakes along the Yellow Sea, can be finished in 17 hours. While walking on old country roads with the sound of sea waves and the smell of the sea and grass, you can see the peaceful scenery of flaming sunsets, fishing villages, beaches, rocks on the seashore, ports, and mountaintops that are touched by the sea waves.

The path full of water sound Jinan Gowon masil-gil

Jinan Gowon masil-gil

Jinan Gowon masil-gil, which is spread on an altitude of 400m, connects nature to nature, village to village, and wild to wild. The road starting from Youngmojeong is 216km with various trees, including zelkovas, oaks, pines, and snowbells, and faces a mountain stream from Daemisaem. The quiet path with the sounds of the wind and water of Jinan Gowon along with clean mountains, water, and air is perfect.

The path with history, culture, and nature Jilmajae Baekri-gil

Jilmajae Baekri-gil

Jilmajae Baekri-gil starts from the front of Gochang Dolmen Museum and endlessly continues with historic cultural remains. When you pass the dolmens, which are designated for UNESCO World Heritage, you can arrive at the important place for Goryeo celadon. Then you can meet the Incheongang River, Midang Seo-Jeong-ju’s home Jilmajae, chrysanthemum village, and the Midang Poetry Museum. The path looks out on the sea, passes through mud flats, and continues to Seonunsa Temple and Dosolam Hermitage.

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