Logo symbolizing Jeollabuk-do

We Make History, Jeollabukdo Logo
The logo came from "J", or the initial of "Jeollabuk-do" to express the strong wings of birds soaring toward the future, supported by the indigenous history and traditions conserved for a long time, depicting Jeollabuk-do in a dynamic and progressive image. The red colored bottom symbolizes the prestigious old culture of Jeollabuk-do with the yellow part representing its for excellent tasty dishes and the upper part representing the future supported by its prestigious assets. The blue part represents the high-tech industry and Saemangeum, or a prospective advance base for the eco-friendly green industry of Jeollabuk-do is pictured in a green color.
  • Provincial flower

    Provincial flower

    Crape myrtleBlooming ceaselessly and strongly surviving even during droughts symbolize the spirit of Jeongbuk residents who are tenacious and patient.

  • Provincial bird

    Provincial bird

    MagpieMagpie is considered to foretell welcome guests or good news from long times ago. So it means that lots of pleasant things will happen in Jeongbuk.

  • Provincial tree

    Provincial tree

    Ginkgo treeGingko living for a long time with strong resistance against diseases and insects as well as having good tree forms symbolizes tenacity and courtesy of Jeonbuk residents and beautiful mountains and rivers of Jeongbuk.