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Subject Jeollabuk-do - Denmark cooperates in International Exchange
Write Date 2021-03-29
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Jeollabuk-do - Denmark cooperates in International Exchange

Jeollabuk-do which succeeded in pushing up with businesses by composing a public-private council concerning marine windpower generation complex will have a close relationship with Denmark, a leading country in marine wind power. Song Ha-jin met Einar Jensen, ambassador of Denmark to the Republic of Korea, at the meeting room of Jeollabuk-do Provincial Office and consulted the ways of international cooperation between Jeollabuk-do and Denmark.

‘Construction Project of Marine Windpower Complex at Southwest Area of Jeonbuk ’ under push by Jeonbuk is a flare of Korean Green New Deal. It is the first case in our country that local self-governmental body pushes up with a project by collecting inhabitant's opinions, composing public-private council.

Einar Jensen Ambassador of Denmark to the Republic of Korea said, “In Jeollabuk-do windpower complex is constructed by the government's leading, and there are abundant resources including Gunsan Harbour. So, Jeollabuk-do will become a global marine windpower complex.” The ambassador hoped to keep cohabitation model with Jeollabuk-do on the basis of the cooperation in the area of recycle energy between Korea-Denmark two countries.

Song Ha-jin and Einar Jensen Ambassador sympathized with the importance of the development in eco-friendly fields and continuous development between two countries, and agreed to cooperate in the problems that are now being faced between Jeonbuk and Denmark through the exchange between Jeonbuk-Denmark local self-government bodies.