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Subject Provincial Government Focuses on Creating More and Better Jobs in 2020.
Write Date 2020-01-10
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Provincial Government Focuses on Creating More and Better Jobs in 2020. 이미지(1)

This year, Jeollabuk-do Province plans to focus all of its capabilities on creating jobs to revitalize the economy.


In order to create jobs linked to new industries such as agriculture, life, renewable energy and future cars, the province will foster related industries, including holograms, hydrogen and bio-health. As well, the province will establish and implement measures to nurture jobs that reflect regional characteristics such as different level of jobs, youth , new middle age and social economy. Accordingly, the government plans to induce a soft landing of "more and better" jobs to improve the constitution of Jeollabuk-do Province’s economy and realize ‘the win-win economy that grows altogether’.


Based on the 5 major strategies and 15 key tasks that were executed last year, the province plans to focus on boosting corporate competitiveness to create new jobs, including the employment environment improvement, as well as on promoting job policies that fit local characteristics. It plans to invest 571.4 billion won with the aim of creating 113,309 units, which is 64,476 increased from the last year, which was 48,883.


The project of Jeollabuk-do province Gunsan job creation case, which is being pushed by the provincial government, will begin the construction in January and plan to hire 900 new workers, including 700 in Myeongsin and 200 in Saemangeum starting in July.


It also supports development of core components through R&D support such as the construction of smart mobility platform (2 billion KRW in 2020) that will transform OEM, the initial manufacturing method, to ODM method or development of its own model for the automobile companies; or the R&D support project such as development of electric and magnetic vehicle industries for self-reliance of technologies by small and medium-sized part manufacturers.


Following the Gunsan-case, the province plans to find more win-win jobs that match regional characteristics, such as Iksan-case through attracting food companies and Wanju-case through the creation of a hydrogen fuel cell system production complex. In addition, the government will actively respond to the government’s public offering of "Supporting Package Program for Pre-emptive Responses for Employment Stabilization" that supports struggling regions.


It also plans to create new jobs in a stable manner, promote the investment for new industries, and foster the overall manpower by upgrading agricultural and livestock industries and by interconnecting the regional industrial and employment policies to create new jobs, which are cluster-oriented for commercial vehicles.


Inquiries:, Job Support Team, Job Economy Policy Office +82-63-280-2825